Zipolite what to do & how to get to there 

The uniquely tolerant seaside community of Zipolite is perfect for doing absolutely nothing.... resting, eating, drinking, relaxing in a hammock and sun-bathing. It is  the most legendary nude beach in all of México, but everyone is free to choose to keep their clothing on or go without!If you have extra energy there are several things you can do on land or water. Go surfing, body surfing, boogie boarding, fishing, diving, snorkling, hiking and boating.  You can visit nearby places where you can see animals such as crocodiles and tortoises in their natural habitat. There are also world class yoga teachers teaching classes every day. Be sure to treat yourself to a reasonably priced but excellent massage available from a local professional.


Mexican &

  Italian cuisine




How to get to Zipolite beach


Zipolite is located on the south coast of the state of Oaxaca, the nearest city with a bus terminal is San Pedro Pochutla, from Mexico City, Oaxaca City, San Cristobal de las Casas there are direct buses. From Pochutla take a taxi that will cost you $ 150 more or less, if you want to save walk to Parisina fabrics store and take a collective taxi to Puerto Angel for $20 and in Puerto Angel you take another to Zipolite Roca blanca for $10.

The nearest airports are Huatulco and Puerto escondido.


* At the Huatulco airport we have a special rate of $800 pesos with Asur taxis, you only mention that you are heading to Posada Mexico; if you want to save a little more, walk to the road and across the road in front of the gas station there is a palapa where there is a taxi stand that charges $ 600 pesos up here; for a greater saving,  on the  highway grab a bus that arrive at the "crucero of Pochutla" for $ 40.


* At the airport in Puerto Escondido the taxi fare is $ 1000, you can ask for the white vans are $ 300 per person, you can also hit the road and take a taxi for $ 600 or so, or a $ 35 taxi to the bus station and from there take a bus Asur that leaves every hour towards San Antonio and from there a "pasajera" to Zipolite for $ 20. Safe travels!


Av Rocablanca S/N
Col. Roca Blanca
Zipolite, Oax, México
​​​​Tel: (52) 958 58 43194